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Customer feedback:

"Very beautiful, I'm very satisfied. Thank you Michelle"
Martin from Brandenburg, Germany bought Take me for a Ride.

"This art was exactly what we were looking for, it completes our living room décor and we simply love it!"
Lindsay from Dudley, England bought I Dream of Petals.

"This piece of art is wonderful; my room is living in a dream. Five out of five stars."
Liam from Wolver Hampton, England bought Dark True Love.

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The idea of Romance

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Thoughts of Fine Art as a silencer

"I use Fine Art for quieting my driving influence to research and describe the human nature.
I'm trying to draw attention to human nature's inherent beauty and beast."

Fine Art the ancient form of truth telling

"Sometimes I only depict what I see is already there, waiting to be revealed as the true nature of the moment. Sometimes I add an alien element to brake my fall.
Every work I create, no matter how dark, is a reflection of me. Every Art piece, no matter its identity, is revealing & taking another innocent piece away from me.
As much as I long to keep all those pieces, Art makes me grow up and detach.

Jolini is my Art home. My studio, my being, my reason and purpose.
On Jolini's website, you can safely buy Fine Art online, directly from the artist.

I thank you for visiting my Fine Art Gallery, and hope you'll enjoy your stay."
Michelle Elle.

Fine Art Photography - an individual self vision

On the road

"Art Photography is made with a great emotional involvement, depicting the creative vision of the photographer as an artist. I think the Art Photographer is not a discloser alone, but he is a constructor as well, questioning and challenging his sensitivity to life events and human nature. My own images are rarely taken by accident - they're taken with intent to create a personal concept. I capture the essence of a certain moment in reality as I see it, or as I wish to see, creating an alternative reality that is open for Interpretation by the viewer (no matter my original intentions)."

Different worlds can never look the same.

"I love the fact that every artist sees something else in the exact same image - beyond the narrow, binding reality of the materialistic world. Different photographers shooting the same subject will come up with different images, derived from different ideas and thoughts, a special way of seeing reality, different inspirations and an objective imagination. Luckily, no image is the same, as no person is the same. I love this seemingly unnecessary fact. It makes me feel as a part of something bigger than myself."

Modernism comes to the rescue.

"Fortunately, the camera is no longer viewed as a cold mechanical device that only captures a moment in time. New technological trends in digital photography combine Art Photography with painting, giving the photographer the opportunity for a very personal impression that expresses the artist's innovative and aesthetic intentions. My photographs never escape the painting touch - I always paint over my photos, to add the alien factor, the surreal - basically, to escape from the captured.

"Props and lighting are often used to reveal the expression of the vision of the artist, his perceptions and emotions. I guide my human models to express a certain feeling, and not just to pose in a position. I believe emotion is the most important value in Art; for without it being expressed in the artwork, the artist has lost his cause."

Personalized techniques.

"Photography Art represents different genres, mediums, techniques and approaches, and it contains the disposition of the artist through the use of light, tone, composition and contrast. Fine Art Photography became a meaningful Art that takes time to create, for it involves the articulation of a feeling and a personal impression of the artist. The artist's soul is served on a plate, with the hope to be delivered as a cure and not be cast aside. It's not just another moment in time - it's another moment in my fantasy world, another part of my story, of my wishful story."

Buy Fine Art with a Money Back Guarantee.

"On Jolini, I offer a Money Back Guarantee policy, with the confidence that you will be satisfied with your purchase and will not have to use it. You can safely buy Art online with Jolini, using the safest money transfer system in the world (PayPal).

Art prints information:

Printing information

"I thank you for visiting and viewing my Art, and hope that you will love my artistic perceptions."
Warmest regards,
Michelle Elle.

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