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My passion for Ballerinas.

A Storm Of The Heart

* View my Ballerina Paintings > Is it their long necks? Is it the silence in their movements? The way they slow down time, or stop it completely? Is it because I was a little ballerina that never grew to be a real one? Fascination. I think my ballet paintings’ collection will be the only […]

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Seeking The Wait

Seeking The Wait / Canvas Art / Full View

Roads keep stretching endlessly for as far as the eye can see. Peaks and craters seem the same from watered points of view. Empty clones fill out some late hours, madness fills the gaps. I can’t see that far, my tomorrow laid beside your past. Far away songs are played – you can mock my […]

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Find Your Way Out

Find Your Way Out / Limited Edition Painting Canvas Print

My head is hanging on the wall. I’ve put it there myself. It seemed like a good idea at the time. But now, as the night falls, sharp edges still, and I can’t see my feet. I can’t see my feet. As I implore for relocation – I remember – I’ve sold them for a […]

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The whisperer

The Whisperer / Canvas Art Print

* The Whisperer is a painting for sale. He’s got a long way to breath. He keeps covering up to survive. He follows the path marked with stones under her skin, and plays her movements as she thrives. Those are the wrong notes. The right ones are left with her laughter. His image is fading […]

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The devoted one

Night Time in Gardenia - Painting - Full View

Once upon a time, a sparrow whispered the cry of a young woman. And since sparrows usually don’t whisper – and they particularly never whisper cries of young women – ears were lent to hear, and minds began to question. The questions lingered beside heavy weighted opinions, and opened the gate to murmurs; together they […]

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The idea of Romance

The Observer canvas print

Stories and tales of past romantic events tie strings of ideas into a romantic love bundle. We fondly remember our past loves, we cling to beautiful memories, forsake bad ones and not in vain. I believe the idea of romance is more important than romance itself; for even if you have no romance in your life, […]

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